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Nothing says curb appeal and sophistication than a professional residential landscaping design. A customized landscaping design can highlight and bring out all of the positive features of your residential landscape. Whether you are looking to make a huge impact or just want to make a toe-in-the-water statement, check us out for your residential landscaping services.

Creating a Residential Landscaping Design

It's important to know how much space we are actually playing with, so step one to a successful residential landscape design is walking around the property and viewing the space that is going to be improved. A Florida Landscaping Services contractor can meet with you on your property and gather important measurements for your project. This ensures that our landscape design team has a well defined grasp of the space of your residential landscaping requirements. Designs are available for individual purchase or can be created to be installed by our landscape contractors.


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Residential Landscape Installation

Whether you have an existing residential landscape design or you had one created for you by one of our landscape designers, Florida Landscaping Services also provides landscape contractors to install your landscape designs.


Before installation can begin, a landscape contractor from FLS needs to view and plan the installation process. During this process, the contractor will prep the area where the residential landscape installation will take place. Once final preparations are made, installation begins. We pride ourself on our professionalism and safety on landscaping sites.

Choose FLS for Your Residential Landscaping Services

At the end of the day, we want to be the company that you choose to provide your residential landscaping services. We can appreciate that there are a lot of competitive landscaping companies and ask that you consider speaking with Florida Landscaping Services before you make a choice about who is going to provide you with residential landscaping.


We have an experienced team of landscaping contractors and landscape designers that will create unique landscape designs, like a residential landscaping design, to fit all of your needs and install those designs with the highest level of professionalism and quality. All of our landscape contractors are licensed and insured to provide the landscaping services we offer.


When it comes time to hire a landscaping company, please consider Florida Landscaping Services. We are the choice landscaping contractors of Miramar Beach, Florida and surrounding cities.

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