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Lightscape landscaping services are landscaping services that deal with the design and installation of outdoor lighting features. At Florida Landscaping Services, we work with clients to develop a lightscape landscaping design, based on their needs. A team of landscape contractors will then use the design plans to install the landscape improvements to the designated area / landscape. Learn more about our lightscape design process or having a lightscape design installed.

Creating a Lightscaping Design

The first step in our lightscape landscaping services is to create a customized lightscape landscaping design. One of our lightscaping designers at Florida Landscaping Services will sit down with you and discuss your specific needs. We will discuss your must have items, the size of the landscape that is going to be improved and other items in order to create the best solution for your lightscaping needs. Once the lightscape landscaping design has been created, if you choose to have Florida Landscaping Services install your design, then any costs associated with the lightscape design process will be applied directly toward the installation and lightscape landscaping services.


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Professional Lightscape Landscaping Installation

After having a customized lightscaping design created (or if you already have a lightscape landscaping design), the next step is installing your lightscaping design. Installing lightscaping onto a landscape can be simple or complex and is really all based on what the lighscape design is calling for. Our landscape contractors begin all lightscaping installation by properly preparing the designated landscape for improvements. Building and installing all lightscaping features on landscape that has not been prepped can lead to poor results or weak structure. We want your lightscaping to last and be enjoyed for years to come!

Choose FLS for Your Lightscape Landscaping Services

At the end of the day, we want to be the company that you choose to provide your lightscape landscaping services. We can appreciate that there are a lot of competitive landscaping companies and ask that you consider speaking with Florida Landscaping Services before you make a choice about who is going to provide you with lightscape landscaping.


We have an experienced team of landscaping contractors and landscape designers that will create unique landscape designs, like a lightscape landscaping design, to fit all of your needs and install those designs with the highest level of professionalism and quality. All of our landscape contractors are licensed and insured to provide the landscaping services we offer.


When it comes time to hiring a landscaping company, please consider Florida Landscaping Services. We are the choice landscaping contractors of Miramar Beach, Florida and surrounding cities.

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