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If you have a yard, because you either own or rent a house, then chances are you also have a yard that you need to manage and take care of. The problem is, especially if you are renting the home, that buying all the equipment needed is expensive. Finding time is also a problem when it comes to lawncare and lawn maintenance. Luckily, Florida Landscaping Services provides professional lawn care services for whatever your specific lawn needs are.

Organic Lawn Care Services

If you have children or pets that like to run around and play in your yard, then finding an organic lawn care solution may be important to you. Or, maybe, you are looking for lawn care services with a minimum environmental impact. Using an all natural fertilizer that isn't going to full of chemicals is one option to keep your yard looking its best, without worrying about side-effects of non-natural ingredients. While it is impossible to be completely organic, growing thick grass will the help of an organic fertilizer allows the healthy lawn to surround and crowd any weeds that may sprout up, at which time we can schedule a targeted spot weeding session, where limited amounts of chemicals and weed killer needs to be used and can be isolated to specific areas.


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Sod Installation

Sometimes large areas of ground need to be covered immediately and there isn't time for new grass to grow. Other occasions for sod installation would be for things like to fill dead areas or also to cover a new landscaping construction. In all these cases, sod installation can give a professional look and in far less time. Sod installation


Our landscaping contractors work with you to identify the existing type of grass in order to match the sod perfectly. Allow plenty of watering for a couple weeks for best results after sod installation.

Lawn Aeration Services

Aerating your lawn is very important.  With our lawn aeration services we perforate the soil with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. Aerating helps the grass roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn. One of the main reason for aerating is to alleviate soil compaction.


Lawn aeration services are also a great organic way to help your yard grow healthy without the use of chemicals or harmful fertilizers. Contact Florida Landscaping to schedule lawn aeration services.

Lawn Mowing Services

This is one of our most popular landscaping service that we offer. Whether you own or rent a home and have a lawn that needs to be maintained, you can trust Florida Landscaping Services to fulfill your needs.


We offer customized lawn mowing services for any size yard and for ask frequently or infrequently as you may need. Contact Florida Landscaping Services to have a lawn care specialist out to your home to provide an estimate on our lawn mowing services.

Weed Control Services

Does your yard look like more weeds than grass? Do you have those pesky weeds that just pop up here and there, ruining your perfect lawn? Whatever your level of weed control needs, Florida Landscaping Services offers weed control services for any and all types of weeds. You decide on the approach, which means you can get as invasive or as organic as you want.


A Florida Landscaping Contractor can visit your property to look at the condition of your yard and will recommend a solution to eliminate the weeds that are attacking your lawn.

Choose FLS for Your Lawncare  Services

At the end of the day, we want to be the company that you choose to provide your lawn care services. We can appreciate that there are a lot of competitive landscaping companies and ask that you consider speaking with Florida Landscaping Services before you make a choice about who is going to provide you with lawn care services and lawn maintenance.


We have an experienced team of landscaping contractors and landscape designers that will create unique landscape designs to fit all of your needs.


When it comes time to hire a landscaping company, please consider Florida Landscaping Services. We are the choice landscaping contractors of Miramar Beach, Florida and surrounding cities.

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