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We provide the most dynamic and comprehensive landscaping services in all of North Florida

Hardscape Landscaping Services


Using bricks and stones are a great way to add texture to any landscape. Are you ready to add a deeper element to your landscape?

Lightscape Landscaping Services


Lights can be implemented  to a landscape to create atmosphere and elegance. Learn how to add sophistication with lightscaping.

Waterscape Landscaping Services


The sounds of water flowing can create a calming and peaceful environment. Let us develop a waterscape oasis for you.

Residential Landscaping Services


Are you ready for a change to your residential landscape? We can help create an entirely new landscape to fit your likes and needs.

Commercial Landscaping Services


Well manicured and tailored landscapes can increase the professionalism and look of your  office or commercial building.

Landscape Maintenance Services


Get your lawn cut regularly or have your property professionally maintained all year long. Schedule your maintenance schedule now.

Full-Service Professional Landscaping Services


Florida Landscaping Services is a professional landscaping contractor company that brokers a wide variety of landscaping services, like hardscaping, lightscaping, waterscaping and lawn care services. We create customized landscaping designs for our clients and then install those landscaping improvements onto the designated area. Learn more about our landscaping services and landscaping maintenance services.

Our Professional Landscaping Services Are:

High-Quality Commercial and Residential Landscaping Services are provided by landscaping contractors that are:

licensed landscape contractors
insured professional landscaping services
safe landscape design




It is important to trust your landscaping services to a licensed landscape contractor. This means that your landscaping services will be by the book and conform to any and all county and state landscape regulations.

The professional landscaping services that are provided to our clients are done so by landscape contractors that are insured to provide such landscaping services. You don't want to have to rely on insurance, but you need a landscaper that has it.

All landscape designs meet client specifications and are safe. The installation of all landscape designs are also done in a safe manner to prevent any injuries to our landscaping contractors or our clients. Safety is always a top priority.

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